hydrastar-trailer-brake-actuatorsGet a faster response with the leader in trailer brake actuators…

Fastest response time = shortest stopping distance
with Hydrastar® Trailer Brake Actuators

When you’re pulling a trailer and facing an emergency stop, a fraction of a second can translate into a few too many feet in stopping distance. Cargo’s Hydrastar trailer brake actuators deliver the industry’s fastest response time to provide maximum braking safety for your towed trailer/vehicle.

Hydrastar has improved the stopping performance for trailers hauling boats, RV/towables, horses, cars, construction and farm equipment, and many other loads.

Response Time Test – Two Axle Trailer*
twoAxelTestResponse Time Test – Three Axle Trailer*
threeAxelTestCurrent Draw at 1,000 psi


  • In cab controller required –
    See instruction manual or our website for a list of approved controllers
  • 12 volt DC operation –
    Federal regulations require a battery and breakaway kit on trailer. Cargo (HBA-BA) kit recommended, works with any 5 amp hr. breakaway kit
  • Electrical connections –
    Recommended minimum wire; 12-gauge for splicing into power, ground and breakaway; 16-gauge for controller output
  • Hydraulic brakes –
    For use with DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid systems
  • Output pressure –
    1000, 1200, or 1600 psi pressures for various trailer brake configurations – prevents over pressurizing your brakes and damaging seals
  • Trailer-mounted and self-contained weather tight enclosure
  • Dimensions –
    11.8″ long x 3″ wide x 7.3″ high, shipping weight 12 lbs.
  • Accessories –
    • Breakaway battery kit (HBA-BA)
    • Automatically applies the trailer brakes in the event the trailer and towing vehicle become separated
    • 1/4″ line adapter (HBA-BLC)
    • Allows conversion to 1/4″ brake line
    • 1/4″ brake lines improve braking performance on trailers over 20′ and/or with triple axles

HydraStar® Model Numbers

HHBA10 1000psi HydraStar Brake Actuator
(For drum brakes)*
HBA12 1200psi HydraStar Brake Actuator
(For 8k and larger drum brakes)*
HBA16 1600psi HydraStar Brake Actuator
(For disc brakes)*
HBA-BA Electronic Breakaway Kit/5 Amp hour Battery Pack
HSC In-cab controller
* Check with your brake manufacturer for pressure requirements