Controller adaptor module for factory installed 2005 and up Ford, GM, Dodge, and some aftermarket brake controllers.

hydrastar-HBA-camThe factory installed truck brake controllers as well as some aftermarket brake controllers are not compatible with the CTS HydraStar trailer brake actuator. Using these controllers with the HydraStar may result in false error signals from the controllers and “clicking” from the HydraStar. Both of these problems are the result of the electrical verification pulses sent out by the controller. When the pulses hit the HydraStar instead of the electric brakes on a trailer, it issues an error code. The pulse also momentarily turned on the HydraStar’s motor, creating the “clicking” noise. This start/stop off the motor could damage the HydraStar.

The HBA-CAM splices into the HydraStar’s wiring on the trailer and can be mounted anywhere it is convenient. The module intercepts the verification signals and electronically answers them showing everything to be normal. The error codes are eliminated* and the HydraStar motor “clicking” stops. The braking performance of either controller is not changed by the HBA-CAM. The HBA-CAM is not recommended for use with other manufacturer’s brake actuators that exhibit similar symptoms. The HBA-CAM should only be used with HydraStars starting with serial number 313800 on HBA-10’s, 7050700 on HBA-12’s, and 506100 on HBA-16’s.

* Under laboratory testing it is possible to make some truck factory controllers produce error codes even with the HBA-CAM installed. With the gain set at 2-6 or less, and rapidly cycling the manual braking switch for a minute or more, error codes could be seen. It is important to note that it is inconceivable that this condition would occur in normal vehicle and brake operation.

Gen 6 or Later
Model Serial Number
HBA-10 313800 or higher
HBA-12 705700 or higher
HBA-16 506100 or higher
  • Simply splice in the HBA-CAM’s two wires and mount the module in a convenient place
  • The unit comes with complete instructions
  • Sealed in an anodized aluminum case, the HBA-CAM is weather and shock resistant
  • CTS One Year Warranty

CTS cannot be held responsible or liable for manufacturer’s claims regarding brake compatibility with HydraStar.

The HBA-CAM is intended only for use with HydraStars  with serial numbers of 313800 and higher on HBA-10’s, 705700 and higher on HBA-12’s, and 506100 and higher on HBA-16’s. Do not use on any units that are gold in color. The HydraStar has 4 wires and a bleeder fitting on top. If your HydraStar does not have these features, do not attach the HBA-CAM.