Take Control of your trailer brakes with Cargo’s Electrastar® trailer brake controllers.

Don’t be worried about stopping your trailer. Let a Cargo trailer brake controller and communicator give you more stopping power.

  • Patented system “senses” the amount of braking effort required and provides for a smooth, safe stop
  • Communicator plugs into tow vehicle’s cigarette lighter, and normally needs no special wiring to control trailer mounted actuator
  • Vastly superior to surge brakes… eliminates feel of being pushed by trailer and problems with backing a trailer uphill
  • Ideal for rental fleets or shared trailers… need to change tow vehicles? Just move the communicator
  • Improves braking on trailers hauling RV/campers, horses, cars, construction and farm equipment, and many other loads

Model Numbers

ElectraStar Electric Brake 381-7021 Actuator/Controller with Plug-in Command Unit (For electric brakes only)
Electronic Breakaway kit/17 amp hour battery pack
Cargo Plug-In Command Unit (For ElectraStar)

* Requires HBA-EBA 304-7131 breakaway kit/battery pack


  • Microprocessor/accelerometer control
  • Six variable load control settings
  • Plug-in Cargo Command Center remote control unit
  • 12 volt DC/17 amp-hour battery – Required requires a battery and breakaway kit on trailer
  • Electrical connections – requires splicing into the trailer’s left/right turn, running light, and ground wires.
  • Trailer-mounted and self-contained
  • Built-in 3-amp battery charger automatically charges trailer battery
  • Breakaway System (included with HBA-EBA) automatically applies the trailer brakes and illuminates the trailer stoplights in the event the trailer and towing vehicle become separated. Required to comply with DOT regulations.
  • Dimensions – 10.6″ long x 2.5″ wide x 4.5″ high Shipping weight: 4.4 lbs