Air Systems: Make sure you have a balanced brake system.

Chambers: Make sure push rod travel is even on all chambers.
Cut push rod to proper length.

Slack Adjuster: Set them up properly – 90 degree rules for manual.
Use templates for automatic slacks with the exception of Haldex.

S-Cam: No grease on S-Cam head.
Seal installation.
Free play movement up and down – Cam bushings, should be replaced.
Free play movement in and out.
Roller differences – flat versus knurled.

Hardware Kits: Replace completely – not just springs.

Shoes: Do complete replacement, not just one wheel. Minimum should be complete axle if it’s not possible to do complete unit.

Drums: Heavy drums for severe duty application.

Lining Wear Patterns: Check “How to read your brakes” section. First thing you do after removing drums is look at the brake shoes and lining before you remove them off the wheel. It will tell you a story.

Brake Adjustment: Jack up axles and snub up brakes and back off 1/4 to 1/2 turn on manuals and use templates on automatics.

Brake Lining Burnishings: Heat up brakes until you can smell them and let them cool off. Do this procedures within 1/2 mile to 1 mile. Check wheel temperature with heat gun.